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Doing My Part to Save the Monarch Butterfly

April 10, 2018

Doing My Part to Save the Monarch Butterfly

I read that the monarch butterflies numbers are down, way down, 90% since 1992. I found this so alarming I began doing my own research only to discover truth in the information. Their food source, milkweed, has also diminished by 90% due in large part to the population growth in what was once field and farmland! I could not stick my head in the sand and do nothing. There is a lot in this world I have little to no control over, but this is a problem I can do to something about! I've created a monarch butterfly wing necklace from which 100% of the proceeds from the sale I will donate to the Save Our Monarchs Foundation. With the purchase I'll also send free seeds so you can plant milkweed to feed, enjoy, and save them too!

Monarch Butterfly Wing Necklace

I also planted a butterfly garden outside the studio. To my delight almost the moment I arrived from the nursery, milkweed not even in the ground, I had several monarchs in attendance 😃 To start my garden I planted tropical milkweed, silky gold swamp milkweed, giant milkweed, butterfly bush, and sunflowers (which to my surprise they quite like). I plan to add more plant varieties and types of milkweed in the coming months.

Silky Gold Swamp Milkweed

Monarch on Silky Gold Swamp Milkweed

Monarch Caaterpillar

Monarch Preparing for Chrysalis Stage

A New Monarch Butterfly Emerges

The immense enjoyment I'm getting watching them flutter and flit about as I create is beyond measure! The entire process has been a joy from choosing the plants, to turning the earth, and then siting back to revel in the fruits of my labor! I highly recommend planting your own little butterfly garden 😍 Monarch Butterfly Garden is fantastic resource for types of milkweed, photos, and where to get seeds.

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow

For more information or to donate directly visit the Save Our Monarchs Foundation 

PS the sweet female monarch pictured in my hand spent her days drinking the nectar in my newly planted haven and upon her natural death gave her fragile beautiful body to me to live on in wearable art. Notice the white heart spots on each of her upper wings, so special! I discovered her one afternoon by the back door of the studio. It would be my honor to create something amazing for you - let's chat...

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